Choosing To Stay In Foster Care After 18

You can decide to stay in foster care up to 21 years old. As long as your case was open on your 18th birthday, even if your case was later closed, you can reenter foster care as many times as you need to until you are 21.

  • Independent Living Program (“ILP”)

    If you were in foster care for even one day after your 16th birthday or were on probation and a judge ordered you to live anywhere other than with your parents, (suitable placement) you are entitled to be part of an ILP program that helps you prepare to live on your own.
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  • Education

    If you are a current or former foster youth, funding is probably available to help you pay for college. At community colleges, current and former foster youth get priority registration, which means you can sign up for classes early and hopefully get the classes you want. Many colleges have programs on campus to provide support...
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  • Living Options

    Even though you are considered an adult when you turn 18 years old, you do not have to leave foster care. A law called AB12 lets you choose to stay in care up to age 21. If you stay in care after you turn 18, you'll have a place to live, financial support and more time to get it together to live on your own. If you are in care between 18-21 there are several placement options available to  you.
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