Most Common Diganoses

Anxiety – A feeling of being uneasy, nervous, fearful, or worried.

Depression – A feeling of being sad, hopeless, or very irritable. It may also come with trouble concentrating, sleeping, or eating.

Bipolar Disorder – Sometimes you feel very depressed and other times you feel hyper excited. Your mood seems to swing back and forth in an unpredictable way.

Emotional Dysregulation– You feel like you can’t handle distressing feelings so you get angry really easily, use drugs or alcohol to avoid feeling them, hurt yourself, have difficulty in your relationships, or just generally feel overwhelmed.

Substance Use and Abuse – You drink or use drugs to cope with life to the point where you’re having difficulty in school, at home, with friends, at work etc.

It is not unusual for one person to have more than one of these diagnoses.