Medi-Cal is FREE health insurance, that covers medical, dental and mental health care for low-income individuals.

***All children and youth in foster care are eligible and should have Medi-Cal.***

If you are in foster care, you can choose “fee for service” Medi-Cal instead of a “managed care plan.” This means that you can go to any doctor who accepts Medi-Cal. If you are in care and you are having problems with Medi-Cal, talk to your social worker and your attorney.

IF YOU ARE UNDOCUMENTED, YOU CAN STILL GET MEDI-CAL to cover your pregnancy-related care whether or not you are in foster care.

***If your foster care case closed at age 18 or older, under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) you ARE ELIGIBLE for Medi-Cal until age 26. Click here For details

If you have never been in foster care and your family is low-income, you may still qualify for Medi-Cal. If you are a minor and live with your parents, they will have to sign the application and fill out the information about their income. However, you can still get certain medical services for free without informing your parents if you don’t want to through a free program called Minor Consent Medi-Cal. This program covers family planning, birth control, abortion, pregnancy care, post-natal care, treatment for sexually transmitted infections, mental health care, and other services. You can sign up for Minor Consent Medi-Cal at any DPSS office in Los Angeles County or with a DPSS worker located in a clinic or school.

To learn more about all the types of health insurance you may qualify for, including Medi-Cal, you can go on-line or call 1 – (800) 300-1506. You can also call the CHAMP helpline if you are in an LA Unified School, at 1- (866) 742-2273. You can apply for Medi-Cal  online,  at county welfare offices, at some medical clinics, and at some clinics in high schools. To get an application in the mail or to apply over the phone, call: 1-888-747-1222.

In LA County, you can also call Maternal & Child Health Access at 1- (213) 749- 4261.

To find health clinics that accept Medi-Cal in your area, you can call 211.
Some health clinics will provide services for free even if you do not have Medi-Cal. Once you get a list of clinics in your area, call and ask if they will see you for free even if you are not insured.

If you are only looking for free Family Planning Services, you can also get them through the Family Pact Program or 1 – (800) 942-1054.