Mental Health Issues


Foster Kids Are Doing The Best They Can

Many youth in foster care have mental health issues as a result of the abuse and neglect they have experienced. In fact, many of their challenging behaviors are a result of these past experiences. Mental health professionals can address these issues. Mental health care is free for youth in foster care.

  • Counseling Options

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    There are many different types of therapy. If the youth in your care is receiving therapy already and you do not see any improvement in their emotional and behavioral problems, contact your social worker to discuss how you might find more effective services. Below is a description of the most common types of outpatient therapy: … Continue reading Counseling Options
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  • How To Identify Symptoms Of Trauma

    The majority of foster youth have experienced trauma. Many of their most challenging behaviors are a result of these traumatic experiences. Abuse is traumatic but trauma also takes many other forms...
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  • How To Create A Space For You

    When we as caregivers are feeling exhausted, burned out or unappreciated, it is hard to be patient and supportive to the youth in our care. People providing care for foster youth have to remember to take care of themselves as well.
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