Relative Caregiver – Unlicensed

Are you a relative who has taken in, or are thinking of taking in, a loved one who is a parenting foster youth. If you are not yet a Certified Whole Family Foster Home (“WFFH”), becoming one allows you to receive additional financial assistance and resources. You are eligible if you are caring for a teen parent and her non-detained baby.

To become a WFFH, you are required to attend WFFH training classes offered at your local community college. Each community college offers these classes at different times of the year. To find out more, contact the Foster Kinship Care Education Program at the community college you wish to attend, or call Kristen Grush at 1- (213) 351-5714

Once you are certified, you can get even more funding ($200 a month) if you and the teen develop a Shared Responsibility Plan that describes how you’ll work together to help her parent successfully.

If the relative you are caring for is not in the foster care system, there are still resources and support available to you.