Early Education

Early Head Start programs are aimed at children ages 0-3. They help to support your baby’s development and help you learn ways to parent successfully. They offer services in your home or in child care programs. If you are eligible, the services are all free.

In Early Head Start programs, your child will learn crucial life skills like self-control, sharing, taking turns, and self-confidence, as well as numbers, beginning math skills, color and shape recognition, movement skills, and so much more. Early Head Start programs also offer free dental and medical services for enrolled children.

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Head Start
Head Start is a FREE pre-school program for children ages three and four. The program’s NO COST educational and social services help kids get ready for success in school by helping them expand their vocabulary, learn to read as soon as they are ready and learn to get along with other kids.

Head Start also offers services to the families of children who are enrolled.

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