Medi-Cal (No cost health care)

Medi-Cal is FREE insurance which covers medical, dental and mental health care for low-income individuals.

***All children and youth in foster care should have Medi-Cal.***

All pregnant women, EVEN IF THEY ARE UNDOCUMENTED, can get emergency Medi-Cal to cover emergency and pregnancy-related care.

MEDI-CAL For Former Foster Youth:

If you had an open Foster care case on your 18th birthday you can keep your Medi-Cal until age 26, regardless of how much money you make. Before your case closes speak with your social worker to make sure that your Medi-Cal is transferred to the Former Foster Youth Medi-Cal Program with the Department of Public Social Services (“DPFS”). If this did not happen, talk to your social worker about it before your case closes.

If you were never in foster care or your case was closed before your 18th birthday and you are low- income, you and your baby are still eligible for Medi-Cal. It is best to always apply for Medi-Cal even if you are not sure that you qualify. To find out more.