Pregnant Woman Having 4D Ultrasound Scan

Health Care For You

You can get medical care for you and your baby even if you don’t have enough money to pay for it.

If you are in foster care, you and your baby are automatically entitled to receive free health care coverage called Medi-Cal. If you are not in foster care you and your baby are still eligible for free health insurance if you are low income.

If you are pregnant or parenting it is more important than ever to take care of your health and your baby’s health. Believe it or not, seeing your doctor regularly during and after your pregnancy and taking your baby to the doctor for regular checkups will not only keep you well, it will affect your baby’s whole future.

even if you are a minor.

This means you can get care related to your pregnancy without anyone’s permission and it will stay private. This goes for birth control, pregnancy testing and care, and abortion. The same goes for getting tested or treated for STI’s.

There are other types of health care you can get without an adult’s permission, like drug, alcohol and mental health counseling. In certain situations, however, the person treating you may have to notify your parent or guardian that you are receiving treatment.

For more information on Health Care Decisions and Privacy.

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  • Medi-Cal (No cost health care)

    Medi-Cal is FREE insurance which covers medical, dental and mental health care for low-income individuals. All children and youth in foster care should have Medi-Cal.
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