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Health Care For Your Baby

From the time your baby is born it is crucial that they have regular medical checkups. When your child is young, they may need their checkups as frequently as once a month.

A children’s doctor is called a pediatrician. If possible, it is best for your child to remain under the care of the same pediatrician as they grow up. This helps to assure they have their vaccinations on schedule and will allow the doctor to know your child and his or her medical needs as they grow. It is also important that you keep a copy of your child’s vaccination record because you will need this to enroll them in preschool or kindergarten. You need to make sure that you are comfortable with this doctor and that they respect and communicate well with you.

  • Choosing A Pediatrician

    A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in taking care of babies and children. Choosing the right doctor for your baby is an important decision. You'll be visiting the doctor's office six times in the first year for routine well-baby visits alone. It is best for your baby that they see the same doctor every time so the doctor gets to know them and can keep accurate records of their visits, shots, and medical conditions.
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  • Developmental Milestones

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    Developmental Milestones are what to expect at each age of your baby's growth. From the second your child is born, to the time they begin kindergarten, your child’s brain is developing at a quick pace. Your child’s vocabulary will grow, basic motor abilities will improve, thinking will become more complex, and your child will begin to understand his or her feelings and those of others.
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