Pregnant And Parenting Teen Conference

A pregnant and parenting teen (“PPT”) conference, is a voluntary meeting for parenting and pregnant teens in foster care where you can share your concerns, identify things you need, and figure out your plans for you and your baby. In addition to your social worker, you can invite people who are important to you and can help you. In addition a specialist on resources for pregnant and parenting teens will attend your conference and be available to help you afterwards.

A Pregnant and Parenting Teen Conference can assist with:

  • Prenatal care and birth plans
  • Your placement options
  • Finishing high school and continuing your education
  • Finding childcare
  • Healthcare and family planning for after delivery
  • Financial and other benefits
  • Parenting classes
  • Getting things you need for your baby
  • Family law
  • Connecting to a specialist who will help you plan your eventual transition out of care.

To get a PPT conference, you only need to ask! Your social worker and/or your attorney can help you arrange for one.