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  • Birth Control Rights

    Teens in foster care have the right to seek confidential services for reproductive health from contraception to STI treatment; there is no lower age limit. Your social worker is responsible for making sure you have information on birth control. If your social worker is uncomfortable helping you with birth control, they are legally required to...
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  • Legal Help For Family Law Issues

    If you have legal questions, the best thing to do is to talk to a lawyer. A lawyer can give you advice on how the law applies in your case. Here are some places you can call to talk with a lawyer for free...
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  • Statutory Rape

    Greensboro-Domestci-Volence-Lawyer (1)
    Statutory rape is a crime that happens when a person over 18 has sex with a minor, or when two minors have sex. Under California law, this is a crime even when the minor agrees to have sex. And...
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  • Restraining Orders

    Probation officer
    Restraining orders can protect you and your baby if the other parent has hurt you, or has threatened to hurt you. You will usually get them from a court, but the police can issue one in an emergency. If the person you are dating or used to date has hurt you or threatened to hurt you...
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  • Parenting Plan/Visitation Order

    Both parents have the right to see their child unless the court rules otherwise. Seek legal help if you are being denied your visitation rights. A parenting plan also called a (visitation order) is the schedule for when the baby will see both parents. This schedule should be tailored to the individual schedules of both parents and the needs of...
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  • Your Rights As A Parent

    When both parents’ names appear on a baby’s birth certificate, they share the rights – even without a court order saying so. If parents can work together, they do not need to go to court. However, if...
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  • Voluntary Placement Agreement

    If your social worker talks to you about signing a Voluntary Placement Agreement ("VPA") you should NOT AGREE TO DO THIS OR SIGN ANYTHING before having a discussion about it with your attorney. If you are being investigated for abuse and/or neglect of your child, the county social worker may sometimes offer to provide you with...
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  • Understanding The Court System

    Male Judge Writing On Paper In Courtroom
    You may be involved with more than one court system. Here are the three main ones that deal with custody. If you have a case in more than one of these courts do not assume that...
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  • Juvenile Records

    Your juvenile record doesn't automatically seal when you turn 18. Having a juvenile record can make it more difficult for you to find a job or...
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  • Tickets

    Parking Ticket
    What to do about a ticket or fine that you have received can be confusing. If you received a ticket you should deal with it. If you do not take care of it, it may prevent you from getting your driver's license or California State ID, from getting a job, or into the transitional housing program you want. If you're not sure if you...
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  • Immigration

    Immigration 5
    There are five different routes to take to obtain legal residency: Assylum, DACA, Special Juvenille Immigrant Youth Status, T-Visa, U-Visa and Vawa. Each route has its own set of requirements and conditions.
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  • If Your Baby Is In, Or Is At Risk Of Being Detained

    If the county is investigating your abilities to safely parent your baby, it is important that you cooperate with them. Answer their calls, keep appointments, be on time for court. If a foster care case is opened on your baby, request ...
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  • Marriage For Minors

    Marriage for Minors
    When a person under 18 wants to get married, there are special rules. The rules are different in every state. In California, a person under 18 must get both their biological parent's permission and court approval to get married.
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  • Identity Theft

    Identity theft
    If you have a suspicion that your identity has been stolen, you MUST find out if you are right. If someone else is acting as you not only are they receiving financial benefits due you and your child, they could be causing permanent harm to your credit record.
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