Shared Responsibility Plan (“SRP”)


Parenting your baby while living in someone else’s home, even a relative’s, can be hard. The SRP is a tool to help you avoid and deal with problems and make life easier for everyone. It’s an agreement between you and your caregiver about the duties, rights, and responsibilities each of you have with regard to your baby.

Your county social worker and/or FFA worker can work in conjunction with you and your caregiver to develop the plan and they must sign off on the final version.

Highlights of the SRP:

1. It is a schedule for you and your caregiver so that each of you knows what they are responsible for in regards to the care of your child.

2. It’s flexible because things can change from week to week (e.g. changing needs of both you and your child including school, employment or other outside responsibilities.) It often is necessary to review and revise the SRP frequently.

3. It includes strategies for dealing with miscommunication or disagreements between you and your caregiver about the care of your child.

4. It identifies supportive services to be offered to you by your caregiver.

5. It supports your Case Plan (including the TILP) and any visitation orders made by the court.

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