• Can you be a dad if you don’t live with your children every day?  Yes!
  • Can you care for children that aren’t biologically yours? Yes!
  • If you get deployed or incarcerated can you be a dad from far away? Yes
  • Are you really important at all? Yes!

Dads are so important. Being a dad comes in many forms, and with lots of challenges. Children with involved, loving fathers are significantly more likely to do well in school, have healthy self-esteem, care about others, and avoid risky behaviors.

Do moms and dads have equal rights? Yes. Dads have the same rights as moms if they are legally recognized as the father, which means they have to be on the baby’s birth certificate. However, the court has the power to limit either parent’s rights if they feel they are a danger to their child.

But there is a lot more to parenting than having rights. Parenting is building a relationship with your child by being emotionally and physically present for them. There are programs that help dads do this:

Project Fatherhood: 1-213-260-7604
Friends of The Family Young Dads Program: or 1-818 988-4430
National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute: 323 728-7770 or
Antelope Valley M.E.N.F.O.L.K :or 1-661-940-9530.
LA Father’s Program

  • Custody

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  • Becoming The Legal Dad

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