The People In Your Life

The foster care system has provided you with a network of support. Knowing what the job of each individual is and how they can help you receive the health care, education, rights, and childcare support you are entitled to is important to your future and that of your child’s.


    If you are over 18 you have the right to decide who you associate with. However, if you are living in a foster home or with a relative they may still set limits on who can come to their home. These, “rules,” should be discussed and agreed upon with your caregiver when you move in.
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    If you have an open case in the delinquency court, you will be assigned a probation officer. Probation officers are responsible for supervising the completion of your terms of probation and reporting to the court on your progress. Ideally, they will assist you in finding the services you need to complete the terms of your probation, such as finding anger management classes, or requesting special education services or a tutor.
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    Education Rights Holder
    If you are under 18, you have an ERH. This is the person who is legally authorized to make educational decisions for you such as consent to special educational services and assessments. If your biological parents have not lost these rights through court order ...
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    If you have been placed with a relative and you are pregnant or parenting, your relative can become a Whole Family Foster Home ("WFFH"). If they do, they will receive training and additional funds for the care of you and your baby.
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  • CASA

    A Court Appointed Special Advocate ("CASA") is a trained volunteer appointed by the court who can stay with you throughout your time in foster care even if your placement or social worker changes. They advocate for your...
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    If you have a court case, the judge is the person who makes the decisions in your case: where you are going to live, how often you are going to see your biological parents, what you have to do to get your child back, and who you can visit with...
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    Choosing To Stay In Foster Care After 18
    Transition Development Specialist (TDS) will meet with you to create a plan for attaining your educational and employment goals and help you transition to living independently. Ask your social worker to refer you to the TDS program if you are under 19 years old.
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    DCFS Social Worker 2
    If you are in foster care you will have a Department of Children and Family Services ("DCFS") social worker. They are often referred to as your CSW which stands for Children's Social Worker. Their job is to...
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    Advocates are there to make sure your voice is heard when people are making decisions about you and your baby. They may also be able to help you find resources and services and overcome obstacles.
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    A therapist is a trained professional who works to help you with your emotional problems, their care is free to you. You may be referred to a therapist by the social worker or you can request to see a therapist. Unless you say that you are thinking of harming yourself, your baby or someone else, the details of what you tell your therapist are confidential...
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    In Los Angeles, the Children's Law Center investigators work directly with your attorney, so anything you tell them is confidential and cannot be repeated to anyone outside of your attorney's office without your permission.
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    Your lawyer is your voice in court. Your lawyer’s job is to see that you get everything you need in terms of your schooling, your placement and your healthcare. Still, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you attend all of your court dates along with your lawyer. Every youth in foster care has a free lawyer.
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    A mentor is a volunteer who is there to help you attain your goals. They listen to what you have to say and guide you so that you can achieve what you want at school, in your future career, and in other areas of your life.
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