Being a teen parent doesn’t mean your future is lost. You have the right to stay in school!

As a pregnant or parenting teenage student, you have the same rights as any other student to continue your education. In fact, you are legally required to attend school if you are under 16.

There are many ways to finish high school and even go on to college or learn a trade.

  • Extra Help With Learning

    Everyone learns differently. Do you learn better when you see things written down? Is it easier when something is explained out loud? Do you work best alone or in groups? Do you spend a lot of time studying but still feel you don't understand the material?
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  • High School Rights

    High School Rights
    You have the right to: Stay at your current school or return to your home school. Choose to attend one of the voluntary specialized programs for pregnant students. Transfer to a high school or educational program in your district that provides day care if there is space. Be homeschooled if you desire. Study independently if you desire.. You cannot...
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