In Los Angeles, the Children’s Law Center investigators work directly with your attorney, so anything you tell them is confidential and cannot be repeated to anyone outside of your attorney’s office without your permission.

  • Your attorney may ask an investigator to help with things like attending your Pregnant and Parenting Teen conference, as well as other meetings at DCFS or at your school.
  • The attorney may also ask their investigator to visit you at home to see how you are doing. If your child has an open dependency court case, then they will have a separate attorney representing them. Your child’s attorney will likely request an investigator from their office to visit your child at home/placement to observe your child and to find out how he/she is doing at home, educationally, developmentally, socially, with visits, etc.
  • Your child’s investigator owes a duty of confidentiality to your child, but not to you. This means that anything you say to your child’s investigator will be told to your child’s attorney and could be shared with your judge or county social worker without your permission.