Where And How To Get Help

There are lots of reasons why breaking free may be hard, may not be what you want, or may put you in even more danger, but it will be better for both you and your child if you are in a safe and healthy relationship. Whether you decide to stay or end your relationship, you need to get help before you make a move. Otherwise, you could be putting you and your baby in danger. You can reach out to an expert 24 hours a day who will help you for free.

24 Hour Emergency Hot Lines in Southern California:
310 392-8381 Peace Over Violence
1- 213 626 3393 Central Los Angeles
1- 310 392 8831 South Los Angeles
1- 626 793 3385 West San Gabriel Valley

Or anyone can get help by dialing these national hotlines.
1- 800 656-4673

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