Living Options

Even though you are considered an adult when you turn 18 years old, you do not have to leave foster care. A law called AB12 lets you choose to stay in care up to age 21. If you stay in care after you turn 18, you’ll have a place to live, financial support, and more time to get it together to live on your own.

If you are in care between 18-21, there are several placement options available to  you.

You can remain with the caregiver you were living with before you turned 18.
You can go into THP+FC
Or you may be able to live in a Supervised Independent Living Placement (“SILP”) where you may rent a room, share an apartment, or live in a college dorm and the funding to pay your rent will come to you.

To learn how it works and what you need to do:

Know Before You Go
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  • Transitional Housing 18-21

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