Financial Support

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If you are caring for a child who is not your own, financial support should be available to you.

  • For Mental Health Services For Foster Youth

    Children in foster care can often benefit from mental health services. If the child has a social worker, it is their responsibility to help find appropriate services from providers who accept Medi-Cal.
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  • For Medi-Cal For The Youth And Their Child

    Children in foster care are entitled to Medi-Cal and Denti-Cal to pay for their physical, dental, and mental health care. Click here to read more about Medi-Cal and how to get it.
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  • For Another Person’s Child

    Learn how to become eligible for financial support and get assistance paying for health care and other resources when you are caring for another person’s child who is not in foster care.
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  • For The Teen’s Child

    Aghalarova Aygun (green) and her son Gusehnov Rasul, 3, and her neighbor's daughter, Gusehnova Salmaz, 5, live in  Kimyachilar-3 CBO IDP camp in Kimyachilar settlement. Dr. Joanna de Berry, Senior Social Development Specialist at The World Bank, visits the settlement. 500 families live in the settlement, 1083 females, 1117 males and 2200 total.  The World Bank has been helping to improve living conditions and education opportunities of internally displaced persons in Azerbaijan. Photo: Allison Kwesell / World Bank
    If you are receiving foster care funding for a teen parent, you will also receive funding for their baby if the baby is also placed in your home. This funding is available whether or not the teen's child is in the foster care system.
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  • For Care Of The Teen

    Raising Baby workshops, January 31, 2015 sponsored by Children's Alliance, held at Children's Institute in Los Angeles. PHOTOS BY IRIS SCHNEIDER
    The amount of support available to you may vary based on the child's age and special needs. If you are a licensed foster parent your funding will begin when the youth is placed in your home. If you are a relative caregiver...
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