Interview Tips

From the minute you walk in the door, before you even say a word your potential employer is sizing you up.

  • Dress for success even if you are interviewing for a fast food job, how you look matters. Shorts, tee shirts and sandals aren’t appropriate clothes for an interview. If you don’t have clothes that you think are appropriate there are places that provide interview clothes for free or at a low cost. If you are in the Independent Living Program (“ILP”), you will be reimbursed for the cost of interview clothes.

Dress for Success
Out of the Closet
American Rag
Crossroads Trading Co.

  • Be on time – make sure that you map out how to get there long before you go to your interview.
  • Have an extra copy of your resume with you.
  • Research the company – Know what their needs and expectations are and come prepared with questions to ask that show you’ve spent time learning about them.

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