Feeling Alone?

A lot of people who are stressed out are afraid to ask for help and end up withdrawing from family, friends, and other people who can help them. If you don’t tell people what is going on with you emotionally, you may be putting you and your baby at risk for more problems. It could cause you to turn to drugs, alcohol, or other dangerous activities to relieve your stress and anxiety. It can also make you less tuned into your baby’s needs and put your custody in jeopardy.

Even if you are afraid to ask for help if you need it, you should reach out. It could be life-saving. Try talking to your  friends, family and caregiver. If you are worried they will not be supportive, you can reach out to your attorney for guidance, and everything you tell him or her must be kept confidential. You can also write in a diary or seek the help of a therapist or social worker if you need someone else to confide in.